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Vladivostok free port resident Found in Vladivostok on January 11,2016 Active member of the guild of non-feature films and television

About the company

Sea Wolf.

Creation of movie stories.

Economics. Tourism. Diplomacy. Mass media, internet, social media, events… all these are very important elements of complex territory promotion strategy. And we add one more item on this list.


Is a powerful factory of impressions and at the same time a unique tool of modeling for a desired image of a territory. It is not only a way to transmit your point of view to a mass audience. Movie also personalizes a territory and brings it maximally close to the viewer. Cinema events either a cinema festival or movie shooting can become a support element for a territory image.

That is why a project “The sea Wolf – born to be free” came into life. The base of it and the main forwarding power has become a film company, Vladivostok free port resident – “The sea wolf. Creation of movie stories”. This project far away overcomes regular territory branding and combines forcers of government power, cinema industry, business and profile noncommercial unions. We founded an independent film creation company which acts like innovative support and Russian Far East brand promotion platform.

Our team.

“We are aimed at modern creative platform for film projects creation and promotion. We want to attract Russian and overseas creative teams and film crews to Far East – to present various movie projects to mass audience which can contribute to the territory promotion”.

Aleksandra Maksimets
CEO of “The Sea Wolf. Creation of movie stories”.
Chairman of fund of complex promotion and territory branding board of trustees. The fund is an initiator of several object aimed at Primorsky region (kray) development and correction of established image of the region.
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“Pride. Feeling of being connected to a big business which changes the world. Inspiration of responsibility and joy of creation. It fills the life with sense. We made a film “Normandy-Neman. Monologue” trying to remind of Great War events – and we won a special prize award on Russian cinema festival in Nice. International sport cinema festival and the third World Games for our young compatriots in Kazan were opened with our film “Coubertin rule” which attracts attention of the high and mighty to the forgotten by them axioms of the Olympic movement. In April we plan to finish the movie about legend person Oleg Taktarov – I believe that this project will get a resonance too. ”

Egor Klimovich
Russian actor, director and producer, Moscow
An invited host of the Pacific Meridian cinema festival. Alexander Mitta’s Directors school graduate, an actor in Nikita Mikhalkov’s new movie “Going vertical” with Vladimir Mashkov. Director and script writer of “The Sea Wolf” film studio movies – “Normandy-Neman. Monologue”, “Coubertin rule” and “Oleg Taktarov”.

“The Far East. I always want to add – wonderful Far East. It seems that it is impossible not to use such a great energy of this place, rich texture but today their appearance in movies is rather an exception than a rule. We want to show this beauty and possibilities to the whole world. We introduce here standards and forms of movie creation totally new to the region – and we believe that we can change the situation.”

Dmitry Rubezhin
Director of “Kedr” producing center and creative union, Moscow
A famous producer and professional editor. Implemented more than 20 film projects of different level – from TV movies and TV series up to full length movies.



Movie trailer
Full length documentary film
«Normandy – Neman. Monologue», 2015

Participant of 5 cinema festivals, 4 special prizes winner

  • 1. Participant of the XIII international cinema festival “Pacific Meridian”, Vladivostok 2. Participant of the III Russian cinema festival in Nice (France), Special prize;
  • 3. Participant of the XII International documentary film festival “Saratov sufferings”, Saratov city. Special prize;
  • 4. Participant of the XII International cinema festival in the name of Sergey Bondarchuk, Volokolamsk city, special prize;
  • 5. Participant of the II international cinema festival «Golden tower», Nazran city (Ingushetia), special prize.
Movie trailer
Full length documentary film
«Coubertin rule», 2015

Participant of 5 film festivals, best debut film prize winner

  • 1. Opening film of international sport movie “Krasnogorsky” festival, Moscow;
  • 2. Participant of “Native paths” TV cinema festival, Moscow;
  • 3. Participant of Kazan international Muslim cinema festival, Kazan;
  • 4. Participant of Russian cinema festival “A man discovering the world”, Simferopol,-Evpatoria-Yalta;
  • 5. International cinema festival in the name of Savva Morozov. “Best debut film” prize winner.

“The very meaninglessness of life forces man to create his own meaning. If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.”

Stanley Kubrick

What we offer

Sea Wolf.

Creation of movie stories.

Professional team

Own park of modern equipment

Partner relations with leading specialized companies in the industry

Any difficulty level cinema projects management

Film Company

We produce fiction and documentary full length movies, TV series, short series, publicistic TV shows and cycle of TV shows, music clips and commercial clips, educational and presentation films – for big screen and TV, chain mass media and companies.

Professional post-production

We offer full complex of services in post-production industry – computer graphics and special effects, edition and editing, music accompaniment and voice-over, Cinema Theater or TV distribution preparation.

Your representative on the Russian Far East

Relying on our own office in Vladivostok we support projects of your film production company – we can help to organize shooting process on Russian Far East territory, take responsibility for permissions, coordination, production and information support.


Production of our own projects and projects of other companies. Distribution, purchasing and sales of rights on film, TV and video products. Organization and implementation of advertizing campaigns, help in advertizing and PR materials preparation and placement in mass media.

Creation of movie stories.

“Oleg Taktarov”

A unique story of Oleg Taktarov. A person who followed his dream. From Russian sportsman and the only Russian UFC champion to Hollywood star. Exclusive interviews about Hollywood blast-off of Russian fighter. Danny “Machete”Trejo, director Robert Rodriguez and UFC legendary founder Art Davie speak to the film creator.

“The Sea Wolf. Creation of movie stories” Film Company, Vladivostok free port resident, is finishing shooting of documentary film “Oleg Taktarov”.

A successful Russian sportsman who had a dream to play in movies and an indifferent to newcomers Hollywood which welcomed Oleg Taktarov who abandoned everything in mother land not with open arms. Long way to glory – first as a sportsman and coach than as the only Russian champion of prestige league of UFC and only after that – the dream came true, bright roles and successful movies.

We wanted to tell about a person who never played “bad Russians” – made his road in a way that he considered not the easiest but the most right. And respect of other movie heroes speaks for itself..

“Normandy – Neman. Monologue”

It is a story of air guards regiment number 18 , well known as “Normandy-Neman”. From the first hands – the participants, their descendants and present historians. Eternal values against momentary ideology. Love and friendship against barriers and borders. Interviews, stories and archive shots… In the memory of big History.

“The Sea Wolf. Creation of movie stories” Film Company, Vladivostok free port resident, has implemented documentary film project – “Normandy-Neman. Monologue”. Sooner or later our children and their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up and would wish to look back and watch in details the history of their great country. Acts of bravery which could be forgotten. People who can be a pride for us and we should be proud of them. “Normandy – Neman. Monologue” – is an attempt to offer an alternative of warped historical facts which were interpreted to please political and economical interests of some countries to independently thinking audience.

We took only one of many stories of courage and bravery – a story of 18th air guard regiment. The film is dedicated to the regiment and to world famous legendary Soviet- French escadrille “Normandy-Neman” which was a part of it. Its heroes are participants of the events, their descendants and the researchers of that period of history. The plot is based on memorial monologues, stories about air guard pilots’ feats, relations between people in the Great World War events circle, about immortal values and ideological guidelines in contrary to them. Unique interviews, unknown stories, archive materials and shots from the place of events put the viewer in the atmosphere of that time. The tape pays tribute to those who fought for peace in the air and tells about close friendship between representatives of two nations which made our Today possible to exist. The shooting was held on the territory of three countries – Russia, Belarus and France.

  • Author of the idea and general producer: А.Maksimets
  • Production: “Kedr” LLC
  • Postproduction: “Sea Wolf. Creation of movie stories ” LLC Режиссер: Егор Климович
  • Scenery: Kristina Abramyan
  • Producers: Aleksandra Maksimets, Dmitry Rubezhin, Boris Filyaev
  • Operator: Artyom Dubrovsky
  • Actors of dubbing: Kristina Babushkina, Dmitry Pevtsov

The film took part in 5 cinema festivals and won 4 special prizes:

  • The 13 international cinema festival “Pacific Meridian” , Vladivostok
  • The 3 Russian cinema festival in Nice (France) , special prize
  • The 12 international documentary film festival “Saratov sufferings”, Saratov, special prize
  • The 12 international cinema festival in the name of Sergey Bondarchuk “Volokolamsk frontier”, Volokolamsk city, special prize
  • The 2 international cinema festival “Golden Tower”, Nazran city (Ingushetia), special prize

International demonstration:

  • 2015, France: Nice
  • 2016,Norway: Vardo
  • 2017, France: Strasburg, Paris, Marseilles.
“Coubertin rule”

Drama of an athlete Aleksey Fedorov, a convinced opponent of doping. From full of hopes Olympic games preparation to … disclaim from participation. The disqualification of Russian athletes in November 2015 violated Coubertin rule – the presumption of innocence of a sportsman.

“The Sea Wolf: Creation of movie stories” Film Company, Vladivostok free port resident has represented a new documentary film dedicated to tragic story of disqualification of all Russian athletes in November, 2015 to a big audience.

Why this story is so important to us. Because today sports have lack of presumption of innocence and it is really the thing needed to people who dedicated their lives to sports. And exactly this principle was roughly violated in 2015.

A sportsman is always clean. A sportsman is always considered to be following anti-doping rules until it is proved to be otherwise in court. A sportsman cannot be disclaimed of participation in the Olympic games without prove of his direct and first-hand violation of anti-doping rules. Olympic committee must let sportsman to participate in the Olympics if such violation has not been proved in court. The film story is based on Russian sportsman Aleksey Fedorov’s story – a convinced opponent of doping. Nevertheless, because of loud doping scandal there was made a decision to disqualify all Russian athletes without exception and removed them from all Olympic starts. On this background a retrospective of events is shown – from full of hopes Olympic games preparation to tragic disclaim from participation against the background of  “the Olympic year” events.

  • Preproduction “The Sea Wolf. Creation of movie stories” LLC
  • Production “Kedr” LLC
  • Postproduction: “The Sea Wolf. Creation of movie stories” LLC
  • Directors: Egor Klimovich, Agatha Klimovich
  • Author of the scenery: Egor Klimovich
  • Operators: Artyom Dubrovsky, Agatha Klimovich, Mike Paterson
  • Editing: Egor Klimovich, Agatha Klimovich
  • Sound: Yuriy Pridachin
  • Executive producers: Lyudmila Viktorova, Yuriy Struzhinsky, Agatha Klimovich
  • Producers: Aleksandra Maksimets, Egor Klimovich, Dmitry Rubezhin, Boris Filyaev
  • We should underline the fact that “Krasnogorsky” sport cinema international festival is the largest sport cinema competition in Eastern Europe and CIS countries was opened by premier show of “Coubertin rule” documentary film in Moscow “Illusion” Cinema Theater in March, 2017. A president of “Krasnogorsy” international sport cinema festival is Irina Rodnina. .

Besides, the film was noted on the following cinema festivals:

TV and cinema festival “Native paths” (Russia, Moscow, 2017)

Kazan international Muslim cinema festival (Russia, Kazan, 2017)
Russian cinema festival “A man discovering the world” (Russia, Sim
feropol /Evpatoria/Yalta, 2017)
International cinema festival in the name of Savva Morozov , best debut film (Russia, Moscow, 2017)

In November, 2017 “Coubertin rule” was included in “Golden Eagle-2017” National cinema art academy award long list.


Behind scenes.

Any difficulty level cinema projects management.


690001, Владивосток, Pushkinskaya st. 40, office 910

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